Tamborine Mountain
Chamber of Commerce – Code of Ethics


A code of ethics is “a set of standards of conduct that guide decisions based on duties derived from core values.

Why have a code of ethics?

The management committee has developed this code of ethics to demonstrate an individual and group commitment to a high standard of ethical conduct for all Members of the Tamborine Mountain Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc., and as a tool to:

  • Align, communicate and inspire high standards of behaviour of the individual members of the Chamber of Commerce (TMCCI) to create a cohesive business community culture
  • Provide guidelines for decision making
  • Provide a benchmark for self evaluation
  • Clarify the organisations mission, values and principles
  • Enhance internal culture and external image
  • Instill confidence and trust by members and the community.
  • Outline disciplinary action
  • Manage risk
  • Spell out prohibited conduct

The code of ethics will be used in conjunction with the constitution, guidelines from the Office of Fair Trading and the policies and procedures of the Chamber to ensure the highest quality outcomes of ethical decision making, recommendations and actions by the general membership of the Chamber.

Enforcement: Each General Member will sign the Code of Ethics when nominated as a member of the Chamber of Commerce with the clear understanding that failure to comply with the code may result in the management committee requesting resignation from their position of trust as a TMCCI general member.

Acceptance Form of the Code of Ethics

As a general member of the Tamborine Mountain Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc., and a representative of the Chamber of Commerce I understand that when carrying out my duties both within the Chamber and in the general community, I will exercise the highest standards of ethical conduct that is consistent with;

  • The legal requirements of the association Constitution Office of Fair Trading guidelines The Incorporation Act and other relevant laws •
  • The Policy and Procedure document of the Chamber • The values of the Chamber as expressed in the constitution and • Societies accepted standards of what is right and good behaviour•
  • Be fair and take action not to discriminate •
  • Be honest and trustworthy •
  • Act with integrity •
  • Cause no harm •
  • Be tolerant of honest differences of opinion •
  • Act responsibly •

If a conflict of interest arises, I will declare it at a management meeting or a general meeting and will completely withdraw when discussion of the issue is held and not vote on that issue.

As a general member and a representative of the Chamber I will not participate in any decision making process that results in:

Self-gain – deception or cheating – manipulation – bias or unfair dealing – or injury to the character and interests of the association. I understand that information dealt with by the Management Committee and/or the general membership and the discussion surrounding it may be confidential and I undertake to respect that confidentiality.

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to read the constitution and any laws relevant to the carrying out of any duties that may be given to me as a general member of the Tamborine Mountain Chamber of Commerce Inc.

I agree that if I fail to comply with, or observe, any provision of this code, I may be required to tender my resignation as a member of the Chamber of Commerce.