Chamber AGM

2024 Committee

Committee poised to continue supporting businesses and ready for a busy year ahead.

The Chamber AGM was held on 13 March 2024. The following Committee is ready to hit the ground running! Geoff Baldwin will stay on as President and Judi Minnikin as 2IC. Anne Hardy as Secretary and newcomer Jackie Keys as Treasurer. Committee members have also had a few changes. Krystle Divertie and Theresa Poots staying on and being joined by Janice Smart and Dwayne Chanter. Welcome to our new Committee members and congratulations to those remaining in their roles taking on another year, and a special thank you to Justine Boyle, Tony Chapman, and Carol Lange departing the Committee.

The Auditor's Report was presented by Tim Meehan of Hall and Hanneford, click here. In summary -

  • Overall, loss in 2023 $(23,896), revenue lower than 2022 by $43k, and $25k attributed to waiting for the SRRC grant for the VIC. Good control of costs. Stock write-offs of $3k at year-end due to weather events.
  • Tough challenges for the economy overall.
  • Changes to ATO rules in many business areas after 30th June 2024. Good tax planning will be essential.
  • VIC visitor numbers requested to be sent to members, noted that visitor numbers have not
    reduced compared to the averages except for the December weather event.

The priority of the new Committee will be to ensure an aligned purpose for all businesses. Noting that the key priority of the Chamber is to advocate for business success irrespective of what individual opinions may be about whether the Mountain needs business. Clearly, a significant number of residents have family and friends who primarily rely on the success of Mountain businesses for their daily survival to remain as residents on the Mountain. 

Strong Chamber representation is crucial for unity, achieved through a robust membership. The Chamber's accomplishments, such as the response to the Christmas crisis, demonstrate its worth. This response involved a successful radio and video campaign, informing thousands that the Mountain was back in business. Such outcomes are possible due to a collective focus and effort, resulting in a synergistic effect. The Chamber promotes local business - buy local, sell local, support local.