Tamborine Mountain Universe

379 - 389 Long Road, Tamborine North, QLD


Jaap Vogel

Planetarium, Observatory & Science Centre

Tamborine Mountain Universe will provide an immersive astronomical learning experience to knowledge seekers and will be visually exciting in a self-sustaining eco-system. It will be a state of the art scientific and educational experience.

Tamborine Mountain Universe will be built on Tamborine Mountain, in the Gold Coast Hinterland, South East Queensland. The center piece of the Interactive Centre will be the “Cosmic Sphere” planetarium, the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Life in the Universe, Indigenous Astronomy and Australian Space Research are the main themes of Tamborine Mountain Universe.  Help leave a legacy for future generation and get involved with this great project on our beautiful mountain. See below the ways you can get involved.

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